It was really exciting to have our local TV news station KEYT news station come by and do a short segment on McKee and his painting. You can see the clip on this link.

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  • Paintings by Mini McKee






    Iris is now sold

    This picture was finished on the day that the Newspress came to do their interview.









    Pacific Storm is now SOLD

    GOLDFISH sold at the fundraiser called "There's No Place Like Hope" which helped horse rescue. The event was on 6/10/12


    Sometimes when people see an actual video of McKee painting a picture they are just amazing. Mostly I think they appreciate the enthusiastic response to the process. But then I see that enthusiasm on a daily basis from horses who are clicker trained. To read more about this you can check out more here.



    The whole process of training McKee to paint has been a fascinating one. He can hold a variety of brushes. McKee had learned to fetch things, so holding things in his mouth was easy, but the motion of moving his head up and down was absolutely natural; he invented it, I didn't train it.

    I understand there might be some basic intinct to move the head this way, after all, it is natural for a horse. But it is also interesting that the general up and down sweeping motion seems to be very basic to even the most early human painters. I'm going to do a bit more research on this, but for now, it's safe to assume that the pattern he's using somehow resonates within the human species as well.










    This picture is currently not for sale


    It has been fun to explore the idea of paintings done with seasonal colors in mind. Painting with McKee is like Forrest Gump and his box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get LOL. But, he's creating some wonderful art.


    McKee ventured into new territory by painting this rather large painting measuring 2'X3' for my barn. Yep, I'm lucky because I get to hang his artwork in my own barn.


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    McKee is painting for charity

    McKee is starting a fascinating new direction in his career; he is learning to paint!

    It has been such fun to teach this little guy to first hold a brush, then use that brush to apply paint to a canvas. His enthusiasm for his job is something you've just got to see to believe. He can't wait to get back to his easel and get painting.

    McKee's paintings are now available for purchase. Proceeds will go towards ManyMiniHugs and our efforts to continue the outreach program. (Read more about McKee, Handsome, Magnified and our other Many Mini Hugs horse partners.)

    Pictures are unframed and unmatted, painted with non-toxic water colors and sometimes acrylics. Each picture has McKee's own signature stamp and is one of a kind.


    If you see a picture you would like to purchase either here or on McKee's FB page, but cannot find it on the webstore, please contact:


    OCEAN VIEW is now sold.
    BLUE GREEN has sold

    AUTUMN has sold.
    I am so pleased to announce that this painting sold for $100. at a fundraiser for the S.B. Humane Society. McKee was present at the art show/fundraiser and met many new people.
    McKee's artwork is part of a bigger process. Of course he gave out a few kisses at the event.

    McKee is an ambassador of positive reinforcement training. He gives back to the community by working spending time with special needs people. He is one special little horse.

    PUMPKIN PATCH is now sold
    COLORS is now sold

    Thank you to Kimme Black, who has purchased this painting and is coordinating a wonderful fundraiser for June 10th 2012, benefitting THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOPE

    Please check back for more information on this event.
    Just in time for Valentines is now sold

    Each painting by McKee is accompanied by a:

    Certificate of Authenticity


    Christmas Gallops By is currently not for sale.

    Christmas bird of Paradise
    is now sold to a private individual
    Candles and Holly raised $350 for the local Special Olympics fundraiser
    Christmas Shopping Rush is now for sold
    Thank You so much for visiting McKee and his paintings. As you can see many of his paintings have sold to charities and individuals.

    We have recently begun a series of small paintings perfect for desks or small wall spaces. These "Minis by McKee" will already be framed.

    McKee is still painting larger canvases as well and you can see these paintings posted here or on the webstore as they are finished.
    Christmas in the City sold at the the Hope benefit on 6/10/12
    8 Second Ride is now sold

    I am so grateful to have met Cheryl Ward, who was the inspiration for me to teach my horses to paint. I saw her years ago and was amazed at how much she had accomplished. Since I had only recently aquired McKee, who was a pretty troubled little horse when I got him, it took some time before he was trusting enough to be able to do these creative things.

    All of his progress is due to clicker training and the use of positive reinforcement in his life and training. While there are many myths and misconceptions out there about clicker training, the easiest way to validate it is to watch the joy of the horses when they do behaviors learned through this method.

    Please be sure to check out some of McKee's videos on the home page. He has become a true poster boy for the power of clicker training horses.

    Nebula was purchased at a fundraiser. The proceeds went to help Equine Evac in Santa Barbara.

    McKee is doing more and more charity events, fundraisers and educational events.

    His paintings have already sold, raising money for several charities such as the Humane Society.

    He is going to be appearing this year doing painting demos, where you can find his artwork displayed and sold.

    Please check back to find out when McKee is scheduled for an event.

    The Santa Barbara News Press came by and did a feature of McKee and his painting skills. These are some of the canvases he worked with during the interview. They also included an online video of McKee and his painting which really showcases the process.
    Sunshine and poppies
    Sunshine and Poppies has sold
    Spring Grass has sold
    McKee is creating some smaller paintings now, ones that fit nicely into the smaller store bought frames.
    This painting is called "Bluebirds and Monarchs" and has now sold.
    I'm really excited to announce that we're going to be offering "Minis by McKee."

    These small paintings are PERFECT for desks or limited wall space and make great gifts. Paintings will be available framed or unframed. These paintings fit in the average 5X7 frame.