Clicker Minis - Many mini hugs

For two years running we've helped out with a fundraiser for The Santa Barbara Equine Assistance & Evacuation Team.

The event was held at the Carriage Museum, a perfect venue for a fun barbecue, auction and bake sale all designed to raise funds for this organization.


We set up a "kissing booth" so that
Handsome could give out kisses to the
guests. We sold lots of kisses and pictures
that were also donated to the fundraiser.


Every time I take them out McKee and Handsome I'm reminded how training a horse using positive reinforcement is like putting money in the bank;
scary things and distractions have become cues for them to look at me to do another trick, it's true!

This plastic horse was QUITE interesting to them. They approached it to sniff and investigate, in fact they were eager to meet the new horse, but I had to laugh at their behavior.
I swear they were thinking "Hey buddy, what happened…you look like a horse but you sure don’t act or smell like one!!!”

All in all it was a day well spent for a good cause.



















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